929: Tanakh B’Yachad

Dear KJ Family,

This Sunday, the fifth day of Chanukah, offers us a special opportunity to join Israelis in a unique project.  A group of religious and secular public figures in Israel, headed by Rabbi Benny Lau and the journalist Gal Gabbai, have started an initiative called 929: Tanakh B’Yachad.  Israelis will study one chapter of Tanakh a day, Sunday through Thursday, using Friday and Shabbat to review or catch up.  They have set up an interactive web site (in Hebrew), www.929.org.il, on which they will post summaries of the day’s chapter as well as reflections on the chapter from various Israeli personalities in both video and essay form.  The initiative is scheduled to complete all 929 chapters of Tanakh in time for a major celebration as part of Israel’s 70th birthday festivities.  We urge the KJ family to participate in this wonderful initiative of studying five chapters a week.  It’s a great way to increase our Talmud Torah, expand our knowledge of Tanakh, and join Israel in an extraordinary project and celebration.

To that end, we have also set up a blog, kjtanakh.wordpress.com , on which we will post insights to the chapters being studied.  We hope you will join us in this learning project, beginning with chapter 1 of B’reishit this Sunday.

Haskel Lookstein
Elie Weinstock
Roy Feldman

929: Tanakh B’Yachad

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